Certified Transactional Analyst

Certified Transactional Analyst (EN)

If you have followed an advanced TA course with good results, you can continue to study for international certification in the TA, the CTA certificate. This means that you will be recognized as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) within one of the four fields: Psychotherapy, Organizational, Counseling and Educational. The learning process for this international certification takes at least one year. The process ends with a written and an oral exam.

The CTA program of the TA academy has been developed to provide you with support (by providing bonding and discipline) in addition to guidance by a self-chosen supervisor.

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Program CTA

The CTA program consists of supervision, workshops and a one-day oral Mock exam.

  • Supervision: you receive supervision on work-related, process-based and personal issues in the context of your exam preparation. For example, you can work with questions about your recordings, questions based on the case for your written exam or questions about literature.
  • Workshops: Topics that complement existing knowledge and skills are discussed, such as themes to encourage ‘learning to learn’ and themes to integrate different TA concepts. There is a lot of attention for different TA approaches and recent developments in TA.
  • Mock exam: During this exam you will experience what it’s like to take an exam from different roles: observer, examiner and candidate. We work according the official guidelines and procedures of COC en BOC, examination committee of EATA en ITAA.


Obtaining the international TA certificate yields the following benefits:

  • The road to the exam offers a strong boost to your personal and professional development.
  • As CTA, you are part of a global TA community that sets high quality standards for the work of therapists, counselors, teachers, consultants and managers.
  • The CTA register works as a quality system for clients and professionals.
  • Therapists can apply for EAP registration as CTA. This registration makes it possible for clients of a number of insurers to receive (partly) reimbursement of their consultations.
  • In addition to this quality mark, CTA offers many more options. You can become a trainer of the TA 1-0-1, the internationally recognized introduction course, you can complete your MSc in TA and/or continue studying to become a TA trainer and/or TA supervisor.

To Whom

The CTA program is intended for anyone who has completed a course in TA and wants to continue studying for international certification as a Certified Transactional Analyst. (Former) students of the TA academy and students who have followed a further TA course elsewhere can participate in this CTA program.
Participation in the CTA program requires a completed TA course because you need to have the required training hours. It is also important that you have a signed CTA contract with a main sponsor or are in preparation for signing a CTA contract. There is also the possibility of an open registration for the Mock exam. On the days we work with students from several countries, the language used is English.

Practical information

The training takes place on the campus of the TA academy in Soesterberg, Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten. The training days start at 9 a.m. and end at 1 p.m. Coffee and tea are included in the price of the training.

If you want more information or if you want to register, please contact our secretariat at: info@ta-academie.nl.

September 25th 2020 Supervision
October 30st 2020 Supervision
November 27th 2020 Supervision
December 18th 2020 Supervision
January 22th 2021 Supervision
March 19th 2021 Mock-examen
April 15th and 16th 2021 Two-day workshop
May 7th 2021 Supervision
June 11th 2021 Supervision



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