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The TA academy offers an international online, multimedia introduction into Transactional Analysis by the authors/editors of the book Into TA, A comprehensive textbook on Transactional Analysis: Bill Cornell, Anne de Graaf, Trudi Newton and Moniek Thunnissen.

Transactional Analysis (TA) has been enjoying an increase in interest ever since its inception by the Canadian American psychiatrist Dr. Eric Berne in 1961. It has proven itself to be an extremely useful model for successful cooperation and communication, used by professionals working in a variety of contexts and fields, such as psychotherapy, coaching and counselling, management, and organizational development, or parenting and education. What makes TA such a powerful model? TA combines a highly accessible theory on the development of people and systems with a highly practical approach, centered on the options for growth and development.

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In 19 days you will become acquainted with all basic Transactional Analysis (TA) concepts, covered in the book. The aim of the training program is to give you a comprehensive knowledge of TA, by guiding you through the book Into TA. Beside the 19 modules each student will participate in a peer-supervision group of max 4 or 5 students who will meet (also on Zoom) ten times over the academic year. 

You will meet a team of 4 experienced and inspiring TSTA trainers. Course leader will be Anne de Graaf (NL) TSTA (O) & CTA (P). The other trainers will be Bill Cornell (USA) TSTA (P), Trudi Newton (UK) TSTA (E) and Moniek Thunnissen (NL) TSTA (P). 


The result of this TA training is that in the role of a professional you are able to answer two important questions: 1) What is your thinking behind the intervention you did? 2) What could you have done differently? Reflecting on question 1) you will work more and more consciously with clients. Reflecting on question 2) discover more and more options for successful interventions. After you have finished the course, you have developed substantial knowledge, know-how and skills to work with TA at a sufficient level.

For whom

The course especially invites professionals to participate who want to get acquainted with the theory and practice of TA, and  who want to learn to integrate TA into their work as therapists, counsellors, coaches, teachers, consultants and more. If you already know some Transactional Analysis, you might be interested to (again) be introduced to the richness of all TA concepts.

Practical Information

Offering this course online (via Zoom) creates a possibility for students from all five continents to (further) become acquainted with what the authors of this book call the treasury of TA. The start will be on the 7th of October. After registration via the site you will receive an invitation for an intake interview with your mentor. The training group has a maximum of 16 participants. Working times will be from 10 am till 3 pm, UK time. The study load, in addition to the training days and intervision meetings, is approximately 6 hours per month. 


Participation in this unique course requires an investment in Euros of € 2,250, – for 19 training days. For a few participants there is the possibility to make use of a so-called TAlent country reduction. Send an email to if you want to be considered for this opportunity. The TA academy is exempt from VAT in the Netherlands. 

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. After registering via the site, you will receive an invitation for an intake interview (30 minutes) with one of the trainers of the study program.

Day 1, 2 & 3 October 7, 8 & 22 2021 Module 1: Ego states with Anne de Graaf
Key question: How do I communicate with others and within myself, and how can I improve that communication?
Day 4 & 5 November 5 & 11 2021 Module 2: Strokes with Trudi Newton
Key question: What motivates me, and how can I motivate clients, colleagues, students, and employees at best in order for them to feel recognised and connected to themselves, their environment, their work and its purpose?
Day 6 & 7 December 3 & 17 2021 Module 3: Transactions with Moniek Thunnissen
Key question: What can I do to keep my relationships and the communication with others at my work and in my private life effective and at a sufficient quality level?
Day 8 & 9 January 14 & 28 2021 Module 4: Games with Bill Cornell
Key question: How can I understand and change patterns of unclear or contradictory communications with clients or students, in a group or organization?
Day 10 & 11 February 11 & 25 2022 Module 5: Script with Anne de Graaf
Key question: Why do smart people, groups and companies do stupid things? And what can I do about it?
Day 12 & 13 March 11 & 25 2022 Module 6: Passivity, Symbiosis and Discounting with Moniek Thunnissen
Key questions: How can I understand if all the hard work and all the frantic efforts from me, my clients or my team do not pay off? How can I discover the blind eye in myself, my clients and students and the organizations I work in or with? And how can I put a different show on the road?
Day 14 & 15 April 1 & 22 2022 Module 7: Contracts with Bill Cornell
Key question: How can I improve the clarity, efficacy, and mutuality of the working agreements with my clients, students and all stakeholders in order to get results?
Day 16 & 17 May 6 & 20 2022 Module 8: Groups and Organisations with Trudi Newton
Key question: How can I learn to understand patterns of behaviour in groups and so contribute to healthy boundaries as a key to effective and efficient groups and organisations?
Day 18 June 3 2022 Module 9: Ethics with Anne de Graaf
Key question: What questions do I need to ask in order to make a valuable contribution to the growth and development of my clients and students and to build an honest company?
Day 19 June 24 2022 Module 10: Closure with Bill, Anne, Trudi and Moniek
Key question: What did really matter to you? What changed in your approach in work and private life? What will you take away from the Into TA course?


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