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Especially for professionals who have followed a TA training (at the TA academy or elsewhere), TA academy will again offer a postgraduate program in 2021. Within the postgraduate program you will expand your TA knowledge, expertise and skills in a group with other experienced TA professionals. The focus is on deepening, applying and integrating TA knowledge and expertise that you have acquired over the years.

Anne de Graaf

The program is provided by our former trainer and former director of the TA academy Anne de Graaf, MA, TSTA-O and CTA-P. Anne is well known in the international TA world. In addition to TA classes at the TA academy, he worked for many years as a teacher in Romania, Russia and the United Kingdom. He is, together with Bill Cornell, Moniek Thunnissen and Trudi Newton, author of the TA basic book “Into TA” (Dutch: Leerboek Transactionele Analyse). With Klaas Kunst he wrote the book “Einstein en de kunst van het zeilen” (English: Einstein and the art of sailing). More than 50,000 copies of this book were sold in the Netherlands. In the Transactional Analysis Journal (TAJ) you will also find a number of articles by his hand. The guidance of Anne during this three-day program guarantees expertise, experience and fun!

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The TA academy chose to work with award-winning articles within the postgraduate program. For decades, the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) has presented the Eric Berne Memorial Award (EBMA) to TA professionals who have made a groundbreaking and innovative contribution to the development of TA. On the website of the ITAA: you can read who received the award in recent decades. In the postgraduate program of 2021 this is the TA article Autocratic Power by Alan Jacobs. This article won an EBMA in 1996.

Alan Jacobs is fascinated by the question: “Why do people join political, religious, professional, or social movements, or whatever size, and surrender so completely, giving up everything including their lives, their fortunes, their families? What needs do people have to find and love a marvelous parent who has all the answers, and in his or her name, to even commit murder and suicide?” Jacobs’ article is topical in a world in which a lot is going on and in which relationships people are often on edge, both at the macro level between political leaders and at the micro level in relationships in society. Social media often seems to be the place to seek confrontation. Extremes on the left and right of the political spectrum are very attractive.

Leading and / or following? Who are you following? When do you take charge? Solid questions that are worth investigating. That research will not only be about others, but also about yourself. How sensitive are you to autocratic leaders? Where do you find tendencies of groups tending towards autocratic structures? What is power and how do you use it?

The postgraduate program offers a palette of different learning activities including theoretical explorations, skills training, video support, personal work, self-study, supervision and group dynamic research.


After following the postgraduate program:
– you have deepened, expanded your TA knowledge, expertise and skills;
– you can further integrate TA into your daily work practice.  

Practical information

The postgraduate program is offered ONLINE (via Zoom) in 2021 on March 10, March 24, April 7.

The days start at 10 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. 

The costs are € 495, -. The group size is a maximum of 16 participants.

To register you must (demonstrably) have completed at least two years of TA training. 


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