TA Master of Science

Thanks to the cooperation between The Berne institute (UK) and TA Academie (NL) students now have the possibility to reach their academic Master’s degree in TA. The Berne Institute in Kegworth (UK) and Middlesex University in London (UK) provide a program towards an academic Master in TA.

A Master in TA helps you to understand and practice TA on an academic level. Your critical thinking and your way of practicing TA diagnosis & analysis, options, vision are developed in a profound way. Getting an academic Master’s degree in TA is an important step in both your professional
development and your personal growth. It’s taking TA to the next level. By writing your Master’s thesis, you add to the research and applicability of TA.

There are three directions open to you: MSc TA Organizational, MSc TA Education and MSc TA Psychotherapy.


You can choose between two routes to reach the MSc level.

  • you first pass your CTA in the field of Organizations, Education or Psychotherapy and then
    head for the Master in TA;
  • you combine your preparation for your CTA with preparation for the Master in any of the
    three fields.

Route A. First CTA, then MSc

When you decide to take your CTA exam first, this CTA certificate gives you almost all the points Middlesex University requires to get a Master’s degree. Requirements after getting your CTA:
1. Attend a 3-day Professional Excellence Workshop (PEW) and present a paper which is
suitable for publication in a professional journal or make a presentation that is the

basis of such an article. In addition produce a commentary as directed by the assessors highlighting: the research issues in the article, the significance of the article, how it relates to your training and the PEW how it relates to current professional practice.

2. Complete one of the following:
A. A second PEW and commentary as
described above.
B. Attend four days of Applied Topics in
TA workshops at The Berne Institute
(UK) or The TA academie (NL) and
then submit an essay (2000-3000
words) relating one topic to their
practice of organisational TA.
C. Write a long essay of 5000 words.

When granted a pass to these requirements the certification committee of Middlesex University will
certify you as a Master TA.

Route B. CTA & MSC together

If you choose the combined route, you start a learning programme at the Berne Institute after you have had your basic TA training (200 hours) in e.g. TA academie. You follow modules in the field of Organisations or in the field of Education or in the field of
Psychotherapy. This program is two years and six modules (3 each year). During these courses you do the work that enables you to get your credits for academic certification. You are trained to apply TA in an academic way. The last work you deliver is your Master’s thesis.
You will need a final year to finish: when you have passed your Master’s thesis you take your CTA exam. On passing the CTA exam you receive both your CTA certificate and your Master’s degree (awarded by the University of Middlesex at fixed dates).

For whom

MSc TA is education in TA for those really grabbed by TA and its depth and practical importance. It is a chance fit for you when you want to develop your academic way of thinking and practicing. It will fit you well if you like reading and writing, have the desire to deepen your TA understanding, want to level up your presentation skills and are curious to study in an international context. You are aware that it will take quite a bit of (interesting!) work to reach your goal. Those who are stimulated by their employers to get an academic master’s degree can now take one in TA.

Practical information

For the ‘CTA first’ route the costs are the PEW, marking costs and subscription at Middlesex University (to get the master’s degree you will have to register at Middlesex University for one year which costs £7000). The total costs of route ‘CTA first’ is £8550. In addition to that you will have your
own traveling costs and supervision costs.

For the combined route the costs will be £7000 per year marking costs and subscription at Middlesex University and £1650 per year for the modules given at the Berne Institute. For dates: see: www.theberne.com. In addition to that you will have your own traveling costs and supervision costs.


For more information about the MSc program, you can send an email to: info@ta-academie.nl. Please add as subject ’Information MSc’ tot your email.

Introductieleergang Transactionele Analyse

Wat is Transactionele Analyse (TA)? Zou het iets voor mij zijn? En wat leer ik dan? Voor iedereen die nieuwsgierig is en wil kennismaken met TA is er de introductieleergang TA. Deze is zowel online als fysiek te volgen.

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